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When should you use films?

Films can be incorporated as a concrete experience for bringing real world experience into classrooms. Films are ideal for:

  • When you want to display a specific procedure or technique to a large group of students (displaying a medical procedure, an exercise, or facilitation techniques)
  • When you want to elicit an emotional connection to an issue (eg., personal stories about social issues such as poverty and housing insecurity)
  • When you feel a topic can be better explained through a visual illustration (eg., geological phenomena, life in rural regions, effects of climate change)
  • When you need to present different perspectives or viewpoints on a given issue (eg., presenting a historical record of an event, showing a point-of-view experience)

Where do you access films on campus?

Films, videos and DVDs can be ordered at the Sound and Moving Image Library. You can reserve material in person, over the phone (416-736-5508), or online at at least two weekdays before.

You need to pick up the material from the Sound and Moving Image Library, which is located on the first floor of Scott library.

Tools for Fostering Engagement

There are several strategies you can employ to help your students engage with the film. These activities do not work alone, but when combined they work together to help students engage with the material:

  • Taking attendance
  • Giving your students a mini-quiz
  • Using a personal response system such as Clickers ( or an online tool such as polls (try during and/or after the film. Note that neither is free, and you must ensure the room is capable of supporting either tool.

Building the film into upcoming assignments

Updated on April 9th, 2013.