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Connect with York

There are two main ways to connect with York:

Community Based Learning


Academic Community Service Learning

Community Based Learning   Academic CSL
In community based learning, community partners present projects to students in a course   In academic community service learning, students spend time working at the learning site.


Community Based Learning

In the Community Based Learning model of teaching, the community partner visits the classroom to present a project to the students. Students work on the project under the supervision of their professor, and the organization does not have to supervise the students or provide space. There will be several times during the semester when the community partner must be present in the class to answer questions and provide feedback.

Academic Community Service Learning

When participating in Academic Community Service Learning, the partner organization hosts one or more students. This type of partnership requires a great deal of planning, and gives the community partner the opportunity to directly supervise and mentor students working for them. During their time with the organization, the students will be doing a task or project suited to their studies. These students are not considered volunteers, but rather, they are service-learners, who are using their time with the community partner to deepen their understanding of their course while working to achieve the goals of the organization. 

What kinds of projects can the students do?

The projects the students can undertake are limited only by the time frame available and the creativity of those planning the project. Most projects will take place within a four to eight month time frame, though projects can continue with different student teams. While the types of projects are very flexible, here are a few examples of current or past projects:

  • Program evaluation
  • Survey design
  • Exercise, health, and fitness program design
  • Coaching and mentorship

Updated on July 11th, 2013.